FAQ: Site vs Channel vs Data Configuration

Users often inquire about creating, editing, and/or deletion of sites, channels and raw data in FlowWorks. The majority of these tasks are handled by our support team. This is to ensure site, channel & data integrity are maintained. This functionality can present challenges for a user, when and if raw data or raw channels are accidentally removed; or when sites are unintentionally deactivated.

This article will address some of the common questions or concerns regarding creating, editing, and delete capabilities for sites, channels and raw data in FlowWorks. You will also learn the extent to which users (with assigned roles) can take on such tasks - where applicable.
Editing Sites
Note: So long as a site is ACTIVE in FlowWorks, you may upload data into respective sites/channels. Once a site is DEACTIVATED, data uploads can no longer be made unless the site is reactivated. Contact support if a site reactivation is required in this event.

Q: How can I create sites (activate or reactivate) without going through support?

Although you may be assigned the role of site configuration admin, the recommended approach to creating new sites in FlowWorks is submitting our site setup form to our support team. If reactivating a site that was once active, please indicate that on the setup form.

Q: How can I manually create sites if I do have site configuration admin role?

To manually create site(s) in FlowWorks, you will need the site configuration admin role assigned, which grants 'permissions' to create a site in FlowWorks. You can speak with your group administrator or contact FlowWorks support to be assigned this role. Once assigned, then review our manual site setup process for more information on how to create a site.

To review user roles, visit our About User Roles and Security Groups page.

Q: How can I delete (deactivate) sites without going through support?

Sites cannot be deleted in FlowWorks unless the site was created in error and has not been billed for in the initial billing cycle. If a site meets this criteria, contact our support team to investigate what can be done. Otherwise, sites can only be activated or deactivated in FlowWorks. To have site(s) deactivated, provide the site name(s) to our support team. It is important that site deactivation requests be submitted prior to the calendar months end. Sites will be billed for in the current month if the deactivation request is submitted on or after 1st of the month.

Editing Channels

Please take a moment to review the difference between Raw Data Channel vs. Calculated Data Channel before editing (creating, editing, deleting) your channels.

Q: How can I create calculated or raw data channels?

Using the FACE tool ('FlowWorks Advanced Calculation Engine') users can create a calculated channel. As for raw data channels, it is best to provide a request to our support team, listing the exact name of the raw data channels you would like to add to your FlowWorks site. Our support team may also inquire as to which ftp source the channels should be connected too for data imports into FlowWorks.

Q: How can I edit or delete calculated channels?

You may delete calculated channels (created by you or users with access to the same site(s)). You may also delete a calculation within a calculated channel by reviewing how to delete a calculation.


Q: How can I edit or delete raw data channels?

One of the reasons why editing and data deletion capabilities are restricted is that they are historically subject to error. Users sometimes delete a sitechannel, or raw data in error, and then contact FlowWorks support team for help to restore this data. It is generally better if you supply the details on which channel, or raw data you want modified or deleted in a support ticket.

As mentioned earlier in this article, users cannot delete raw data channels, but they can modify raw data channels to achieve the desired effect. To do so, it is recommended that you create calculated channel(s) in order to modify your source data. Your calculated channel can reference the raw data channel, and apply modifications based on time periods, where applicable. Visit our Formula Example: Make a Copy of a Channel for more information on this process.

You may also apply formulas and/or functions in the newly created calculated channel - which can reference your raw data source, or other calculated channels as well. More info on applying formulas and/or functions using the FlowWorks FACE tool ('FlowWorks Advanced Calculation Engine') is available here:

Editing Data

Q: How can I upload data into a raw channel for a given site?

Uploading (or 'importing') of data into a raw channel is done manually using the data upload tool, or via FTP (File Transfer Protocol). The recommended approach is to configure your device to automatically upload data files to your FlowWorks site / channel automatically via FTP. For data points to successfully import, they must be structured according to the supported data formats for CSV files and must have a unique date/time stamp. Custom formats, may also be built by our support team to accommodate the format produced from your device.

Q: How can I modify existing [raw] data?

You cannot modify existing [raw] data once uploaded, but you can edit raw data points or groups of data points into a new calculated channel. This functionality is available using the Edit Data tool. The following support articles provide an overview on the process for modifying your raw data in a calculated channel:

Q: How can I delete data from a raw data channel?

At this time you cannot directly delete data from a raw data channel because of the sensitivity of source data and potential errors involved in the task. You can direct any deletion of raw data requests by submitting a ticket to support.flowworks.com. In the support ticket, you will want to indicate the following:

  1. The site name
  2. The channel name(s)
  3. The date or time periods for data deletion
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