Modify / Delete an Individual Data Point

Users will typically identify a specific data point for editing/deletion from a graph or report. Once you know of the specific date- and time-stamp for the data point in question, you can proceed to using the Data Editing tool to modify or remove it.

Using the Edit Data tool, you can choose to edit a raw or calculated channel. When working with a raw channel, all edits/deletions will be saved in a new calculated channel. This ensures that the raw channel is left untouched.

The image below shows climate data plotted on a time-series graph. In this article, we will modify a group of data points starting at 15:00h on January 16, 2020.

1. Open The Edit Data Tool

  1. From FlowWorks' main toolbar, click Manage.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Edit Data.

2. Enter a Date and Time Range

Specify the site, the channel, and the date and time range pertaining to the data points you wish to modify. In this example, we will view data logged within a 30-minute range starting at 15:00h on January 16, 2020.


3. Select Edit Individual Data Points

This reveals options specific for editing individual data points. A list of points for your specified date range will appear in a list.


4. Make Your Edits

From the Row Select view, you can delete data, replace all selected data points with a constant value, and scale the data. Make your selection and specify the necessary information under the Fill/Replace Selected Values or Scale/Offset Values areas.

Begin by selecting the data points you wish to modify, then choose an option from the right side of the window.


If you do not want to assign a constant value across the data points, but rather assign a specific value to each individual point, you can do so from the Edit Values view. From here, you are given text-boxes to enter your desired value changes.


5. (Optional) Add a Note

You may want to append a note with your data changes to mark where changes took place. Also, for future reference, notes are helpful for you to know the reason for such modifications to the data.
Notes reside in their own "notes" data channel, which can be plotted in parallel to the modified data channel.

  1. Expand the Add Note panel.
  2. Specify a name of the notes channel.
  3. Choose a Date option. You can have the note appear at the start of edited data (in this case, starting at 15:00h), or you can add the note at a specific date and time.
    If you choose Add At Specific Date, input the date and time for which you want the note to be displayed. For this example, we will have the note appear at 15:10h.
  4. Type the note in the Note box.

6. Click Apply Edits


This will open a text-box for you name the calculated channel in which your edited data will reside.


7. Name the Calculated Channel

FlowWorks restricts permanent modifications to raw data so that an unadulterated backup of data is always available. Thus, a copy of the raw channel, with your edits applied, will be stored in the calculated channel.

  1. Type a name for the calculated channel.
  2. Click OK.

Now, your edits will be saved in the calculated channel. You can now use the calculated channel that contains your edits in lieu of the raw channel in any of FlowWorks' tools.

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