Internal Site Name vs. Display Site Name

One of the greatest advantages to using FlowWorks is its ability to view, manage, and analyze your infrastructure as if it were one homogeneous network – no matter the variety of hardware manufacturers within your network.

With that said, one of the most common problems users find is making sense out of the self-identification capabilities of each logger that is out in the field. Some devices are fully programmable and permit your data to arrive with a label that makes sense to you; others are less programmable and strictly insist on utilizing its serial number for identification.

FlowWorks permits you to push this problem into the background, by way of creating a display Site name that is visible within FlowWorks. Rather than replacing the internal Site name, the display name simply overrides the internal name in FlowWorks, thus making it much easier for you to identify Sites.

Important: This differentiation also applies to Channels in FlowWorks in exactly the same way, and for similar reasons.

Both names can be the same if your logger supports such programming; but more often than not, they are completely different. It is the internal Site name that is referenced as data arrives in FlowWorks. When data arrives with a name that doesn't match any of the internal Site names, the data is not accepted. In order to set up a Site with FlowWorks, a Site Setup Form needs to be completed, in which you will specify the internal Site name - the name that allows your data into FlowWorks. If this name does not match the name coming from the logger, the data will not be accepted.

If you would like to include a display Site name, please specify this in the Site Setup Form, or contact FlowWorks Support to create a display name for Sites that are already configured in FlowWorks. Once a packet of incoming data is matched up to an expected internal Site name, we can drop that name and from that point on, you will see the data tagged with the display Site name from within the FlowWorks application.

To make a display Channel name, you have two options - the first is to submit a revised Site Setup Form; the second option is you can use FACE to copy the Channel to a virtual Channel that has your desired name set up. Please refer to the Making a Copy of a Channel documentation.

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