Formula Example: Make a Copy of a Channel

Using FACE, you can quickly make a virtual copy of a channel, regardless of whether it holds raw or calculated data. One of the many reasons one may do this is to  make a display channel name, when the internal channel name (assigned by the data logger) is convoluted and hard to recognize, and loggers themselves do not support such edits to the source name. See article Internal Site Name vs. Display Site Name.

The Process for Copying a Channel is Twofold

  1. Start by Creating a Calculated Channel. Once complete, you will need to proceed to step 2, which is discussed in this article.
  2. Configure a FACE formula calculation that commands the system to simply copy the data from the original channel (see below).

This article is a continuation from the article, Create a Calculated Channel. From step one, it is assumed that you are back at the Configure Sites Page, after having completed setup of a new calculated channel.

1. Open the Calculated Channel you want to copy

  1. Use the Choose Site dropdown to locate the site that contains the channel with the calculation you wish to copy. The page will refresh, revealing channels and calculated channels under this site.
  2. Use the Choose Calculated Channel dropdown to select the channel that contains the calculation you wish to copy.
  3. Click View Calculated Channel.

2. Click Create Calculation

This will take you to the page where you will configure the calculation.


3. Configure the calculation

This page has three distinct sections - the following steps take you through each part, beginning from the top of the page.

  1. Provide a Calculation Name and (optional) Description.
  2. Select Formula for Calculation Type.
  3. Ignore Start Date and End Date.
    We want this channel to be filled with data points for the entire data stream we have available.
  4. Choose the Source Component.
    This is going to be the channel you want to copy data from.
  5. Leave Choose Lookup Table blank.
  6. Type just the Source Component's Variable Name into the Define Equation box.
    This tells the system to simply copy over the data, and nothing else.

4. Click Save


 You will be directed back to the View Calculated Channels page, where the new calculation will appear in a list.

Now, you can use this new Virtual Channel in FlowWorks' tools, in lieu of the source Channel, to make it easier for you and your audience to decipher Channels in Graphs, reports, maps, etc.

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