FACE Calculations: Save Queue And Continue Working

A new FACE feature has been added which will allow FACE calculations (your data) to be processed in the back-end through a priority queue. This function will ensure you can continue working in the FlowWorks platform with minimal downtime when SAVING calculations. Read on to understand how you can apply this function when saving your FACE calculations.

The new Save - Queue And Continue Working option can be run by clicking on the respective button within a given calculation. As described and shown in screen capture below: 'Calculation changes are saved and you are able to immediately continue working. Data in the calculated channel will be queued and processed as soon as possible. Processing status can be seen on the "View Calculation" page.'



Once you save a calculation, you will then be redirected back to the View Calculation page to view the processing status of your calculation. You may re-visit this screen to monitor the status at any time.




Note: Your traditional SAVE option is also present, but choosing to SAVE will process the calculation immediately and may slightly hinder overall performance. If you have multiple calculations to run in a given session, the Save - Queue And Continue Working may be your best option.


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