Editing an Existing User

Those users assigned with the Group Administrator Role-type can edit users already registered in the system.

Important: Before modifying a user, the Administrator should familiarize himself / herself with the different characteristics of User Roles and Security Groups. This knowledge is imperative to empowering a user with the access necessary for utilizing FlowWorks. Please see topic "About User Roles & Security Groups".

To edit the profile of an existing user:

  1. Log-in to your FlowWorks account.
  2. Hover your cursor over from the main toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear.
  3. Click . This will lead you to the User List, where all existing users within your enterprise are tabulated.
  4. Locate the user you wish to edit. You can use the Search User function to locate the user quickly.
  5. To disable a user's access to FlowWorks (without outright deleting their profile), click Disable. To confirm that the Disable option has been applied, Disable will change to Enable, and the row will change from gray to green.

    If you do not want to disable the user's account, skip this step and proceed to the next.
  6. Click Edit. A page with all of the user's existing information will appear.
  7. Make any changes to the account as you wish. From here, you can also add / remove Roles to / from the profile, and add / remove the user to / from Security Groups.

    Important: A Role does not 'inherit' the privileges of the Role below it - although Group Admin is the highest Role that can be assigned, privileges from the Roles below it do not carry over. Thus, each Role-type are separate functions and must be assigned. Hence, a user must be given the Group Admin Role plus all the roles below, to have full access to FlowWorks. To understand the characteristics of different Roles, please see topic "About User Roles and Security Groups". Choose the Role(s) that best fit the needs of the user.

    Note: This step is only applicable if Security Groups have been set up and the Group Administrator has the authority to assign users to these Groups. To learn more about Security Groups, please see topic "About User Roles and Security Groups". To find out how to add a new Security Group and edit an existing Group, please see topic "Managing Security Groups".

  8. Click . So long as all required fields are accepted, the User List page will refresh with the user's profile updated.
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