Edit a User Profile

Only those users with the Group Administrator role-type can edit existing user profiles. Please follow these instructions if you wish to change a user's role-type and security group settings.

We highly encourage Group Administrators to familiarize themselves with the characteristics and interplay of User Roles and Security Groups. Understanding both will allow you to manage usability and access for each individual user. Please see topic, "About User Roles and Security Groups".

1. Open the Administration page

  1. Hover over Management. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Administration.

2. Locate the user and click Edit

From the Edit User page, you can manage all settings and permission for the selected user, including: enabling or disabling the user's account; setting up a new password; modifying the user's roles; and adding or removing the user from security groups.  

3. Click Save when finished

So long as all required fields are accepted, the User List page will refresh.


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