Appendix B: Response Messages

Request OK: Request is valid and was accepted.

Request Not OK: Request failed, caused an error, or was invalid.

Exceeded Data Point Limit: The request succeeded, but resulted in too many data points being returned. See Restrictions & Limits section.

Request failed, no data returned: No data available. Check you have supplied the correct site and/or channel parameters.

Authentication failed or rate limited exceeded: Your api key is not authorized to use the API, or you've made too many requests to the API in a short time span. See "Restrictions & Limits" topic.

Channel id must be > 0: An invalid channel id parameter has been supplied.

Site id must be > 0: An invalid site id parameter has been supplied.

Can't find that site: The site you've requested does not exist.

Bad End Date or Time: Incorrect date format used.

Bad Start Date or Time: Incorrect date format used.

Bad Date or Time: Incorrect date format used.

Interval number is too big: Invalid interval number has been supplied which would result in too much data being returned. Try a smaller range or breaking your request into multiple smaller ones.

Interval type should be Y OR M OR D OR HH OR MM OR SS: Invalid interval type parameter has been supplied.

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