Legacy Graphing FAQ

FlowWorks' Graphing has taken a number of evolutionary steps over the years, in order to provide Clients with the most functionality, and the best experience, from our software. We now have two versions of Graphing, one that is most up-to-date and fully supported (simply known as Graphing) and the other, called "Legacy Graphing," which refers to the obsolete (and deprecated) version of the tool.

As much as we want to encourage our Clients to use the most recent version of Graphing, we understand that some may prefer to use Legacy Graphing. This is why, although this version is no longer updated and supported, we will continue to make it available to those that still want to use it.

This article addresses commonly asked questions regarding Legacy Graphing, particularly related to the relevance of 'converting' graphs for use in new Graphing.

How do I access Legacy Graphing?

Currently, there is no manual way to choose Legacy Graphing in FlowWorks. Using Legacy Graphing is strictly browser dependent - by default, you have access to Legacy Graphing only, when using any version of Internet Explorer.

If you want to use FlowWorks' most up-to-date Graphing tool, you must access your FlowWorks account using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. However, before you do so, it is important that you first 'convert' any graphs saved in Legacy Graphing, so that they can be used in Graphing.

Why do I need to convert graphs saved in Legacy Graphing?

The file format of graphs saved in Legacy Graphing is incompatible with Graphing. Converting graphs saved in the Legacy version will allow you to utilize your old graphs in the current version, without the need to manually re-create your graphs and their settings. Although Legacy Graphing can still be accessed from your FlowWorks account, we discourage its use - any changes made to graphs using Legacy Graphing will not carry over to the current version.

Can I access my graphs from Legacy Graphing after they are converted?

Yes, all of your saved graphs will still be accessible from the Legacy Graphing tool. However, any changes made to these graphs in Legacy Graphing will not carry over to your converted graphs in new Graphing. We strongly encourage you to make the switch to the new Graphing tool after performing the conversion.

How do I convert my saved graphs so they are accessible from new Graphing?

To convert your legacy graphs for use in the existing Graphing tool:

  1. Log-in to your FlowWorks user account as you typically would.
  1. From the main toolbar, click to open the Graphing tool.
  1. Click , found in the graphing toolbar. The 'Open Graph' dialogue box will appear, containing a list of your saved graphs.

  1. Click  to begin converting all of your saved legacy graphs. A new dialogue will open describing the process. Select  to start the conversion process. A confirmation dialogue box will appear. 
Note: If you do not see the Convert button, this means that you do not have any graphs to convert. In such a case, you can omit the rest of this article.
  1. Click  to confirm conversion. Once finished, close the ‘Convert Graphs’ dialogue, and the 'Open Graphs' dialogue box will automatically refresh to include your newly converted graphs. If all of your graphs converted successfully, button  will no longer be visible.

This completes the conversion process. Now, all of your graphs can be opened and modified via the new Graphing tool.

Need help? Have questions?

We are here to help you with this transition. Please submit a new support ticket to reach us fast! You can also e-mail us at support@flowworks.com

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