Legacy Graphing FAQ

FlowWorks' Graphing engine has taken a number of evolutionary steps over the years. We now have two versions - 'Graphing' and 'Legacy Graphing'. We highly recommend that you use Graphing for these reasons:

  • Plugin-free - no download, installation, or ActiveX required
  • Works in any browser on any device - not limited to Internet Explorer
  • Zoom preview window, and build-in Data Viewer
  • Automatic conversion of your existing saved graphs to the new tool
  • Ongoing development of new features and bug fixes

We strongly encourage all our users to use the most recent version of Graphing, but we understand that some may still prefer to use Legacy Graphing. For this reason, we have kept Legacy Graphing available for our Internet Explorer users.

This article addresses the common questions we receive regarding Legacy Graphing. It also includes guidance on converting graphs made in Legacy Graphing, so they can be used in the new tool.

How can I access Legacy Graphing?
  1. Using Internet Explorer, click Graph from the main navigation bar.
  2. Choose Legacy Graphing.

If you have any graphs saved in Legacy, they will not be available in Graphing. Hence, it is important that you first convert any legacy graphs so they can be used in Graphing.

Why do I need to convert graphs saved in Legacy Graphing?

The file format of graphs in Legacy Graphing is incompatible with Graphing. Converting legacy graphs will allow you to utilize them in Graphing, thus eliminating the need for you to manually re-create your graphs and their respective settings.

Please note that after the conversion, any changes made to graphs in Legacy Graphing will not carry over to the current version of Graphing.

Can I access my graphs from Legacy Graphing after they are converted?

Yes, all of your saved graphs will still be available in Legacy Graphing. However, any changes made to these graphs using Legacy Graphing will not carry over to your converted graphs in new Graphing. We strongly encourage you to make the switch to the new Graphing tool after performing the conversion.

How do I convert graphs saved in Legacy Graphing?

Convert your legacy graphs so they can be used in the Graphing Tool.

1. Using any browser other than Internet Explorer, log-in to your FlowWorks account

2. Open the Graphing Tool

  1. Click Graph from the main navigation panel.
  2. Select Graphing.
  1. Click Open Graph.

3. Convert your graphs

  1. Click Convert Old Graphs.
    If this button is not visible, it mean that you do not have any graphs in need of conversion.
  2. Click Ok  to confirm conversion. Once finished, close the ‘Convert Graphs’ dialogue, and the 'Open Graphs' dialogue box will automatically refresh to include your newly converted graphs. If all of your graphs converted successfully, button  will no longer be visible.
Will Legacy Graphing always be available?

No. Legacy Graphing depends on an old browser technology called ActiveX which has been discontinued and is no longer supported by Microsoft. FlowWorks is no longer providing updates, enhancements, or bug fixes for Legacy Graphing. Users should migrate to newer Graphing as soon as possible.

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