Viewing Calculation History

Calculation history is an audit of all calculations that occurred within a Calculated ChannelA virtual stream of data points whose source is a raw data channel to which F.A.C.E. math, F.A.C.E. conditional statements, and/or F.A.C.E. functions have been applied to adjust data originating from a raw channel; or to create information which was not directly available from the field instrument (such as flow when the instrument supplies only depth and velocity).. Below is an example:

To view calculation history for a particular Calculated Channel:

  1. After logging-in to your FlowWorks account, hover your mouse over , found in the Main Toolbar. In the expanded list, select . This will direct you to the Configure Sites page.
  2. Use the Choose Site dropdown Locate the Site that contains the Channel with the calculation you wish to delete. The page will refresh, revealing Channels and Calculated Channels under this Site.
  3. Use the Choose Calculated Channel dropdown to select the Channel that contains the calculation you wish to delete.
  4. Click . This will direct you to the View Calculated Channel page, where a preview of all calculations in your selected channel will be displayed.
  5. Click . The page will refresh, with calculation history visible at the bottom.
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