Change a Graph’s Axis Scaling

By default, axis scaling is automatic for every plotted channel; however, this can be manually customized from the Axis Options menu.

1. Open the Axis Options Menu

  1. Begin by plotting a time series or scatter plot graph.
  2. With your graph open, click Options. A drop-down menu appears.
  3. Select Axis Options.

2. Modify Axis Scaling and Replot the Data

There are four axis options, (Individually Stacked, Single Axis, Overlapped, Custom) and each of these options has it's own set of axis scaling settings. In the image below, we modify the scaling for an 'individually stacked' graph, however you can follow these directions for the scaling of any other option-type.

To learn more about axis layout options, see Modify a Graph’s Axis Layout.

As well, the image below shows that channels listed under Axis Scaling follow the convention "Y-axis (number)" - this list does not use channel names. To check the y-axis number of which a particular channel as been assigned, refer to the list under Axis Labeling.

  1. For each y-axis you wish to re-scale, click Custom.
  2. Input Min and Max values in their respective text-fields.
  3. (Optional) click Inverted to vertically flip the y-axis.
  4. Click Replot Data.
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