Modify a Graph’s Plot Style

Changing a plot style means that you can alter how your graph’s data are displayed – for example: whether you want to display your data as a bar or line. This feature can also be useful when you have created a comparative graph, showing data for more than one channel, and wish to make each of them either visually distinct.

This feature is not available for Scatter Plot graphs

1. Open a graph

There are two approaches to opening a saved graph. Please refer to the article below for details.

Open a Graph

2. Open the Appearance Options menu

  1. With your graph open, click Options from the Graphing toolbar.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Appearance Options.

3. Click the Plot tab

The graphed channels are shown in a list on the left, and to the right are plot style options.


4. Click through each channel one-by-one, choosing a plot style for each


5. Click Save

The graph will refresh with plot styles updated.


Remember to save the graph if you wish to keep your changes. See Save a Graph for details.

If you chose 'Point' or 'Point + Line' as your graph's plot style, you have the option of changing the appearance of points and lines. See article, Modify a Graph’s Point and Line Type for details.

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