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The first step in creating a graph is to choose your graph data. FlowWorks Graphing offers two different approaches for this: the main approach is to start from the Graphing page and manually select channels. You can alternatively choose a Site directly from Map View and graph all of its channels with less than a few clicks. This topic describes how to create a new graph using both approaches.

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Creating a New Graph From the Graphing Page

Beginning to graph right from the Graphing page allows immediate access to manual multi-Site and multi-channel selection.

To create a graph from the Graphing page:

  1. Open the Graphing page. Click from the Main Toolbar.

    Tip: use the Quick Start Guide, found right on the Graphing page, for easy reference to help on setting up your graph fast.

  2. Select Channels to plot. From the Site Explorer, locate the Site folder that contains your desired channels, then expand the folder to show all of its channels. You can freely choose channels from all of your available Sites.

    Note: Up to 10 Channels can be selected for a Time Series graph; up to 5 can be chosen for a Scatter Plot.

  3. Select a date range. From the drop-down menu, select a pre-made time-span; or manually input the dates.
  4. Select graph type. Up to 10 channels can be used for a Time Series graph; up to 2 can be selected for a Scatter Plot.
  5. Click . Your new graph will load on the same page.

Creating a New Graph from the Map View Page

Selecting a Site right from the map acts as a kind of shortcut when you’ve found an interesting Site and want to quickly view the corresponding data. This automatically plots all of the channels contained in your chosen Site. However, you can only select one Site at a time with this approach – although you can later add / remove Sites and channels from the Graphing page. To begin graphing by selecting channels from different Sites, see the previous section on creating a new graph from the Graphing Page.

Upon logging-in to your FlowWorks account, Map View is the first page to display. If you are already logged in and on a different page, navigate to Monitoring > Map View, using the main toolbar.

To create a graph starting from Map View:

  1. Locate the individual Site you wish to graph. Find it right on the map, or from the Site Explorer.
  2. Click on the desired Site. A dialogue box containing Site information will appear above the map, next to your chosen Site.
  3. Click one of the time interval options under ‘Graph Data’. You will be directed to the Graphing page, where by default all graph-able channels in your chosen Site will be plotted.

    Tip: If none of the pre-made time frames shown in the Site Information Box suit your needs, simply choose any one of them and then manually alter the date range from the Graphing page.

  4. Ensure your desired channels are selected. From the Site Explorer, click the channels you wish to add. You can also choose channels from other Sites. Or, click already checked-off channels to deselect them.
  5. Check that the date range is correct. Make date changes by clicking the Calendar icon, or manually typing a date in the correct type-field.
  6. Choose whether you want to make a Time-Series or Scatter Plot graph.
  7. Click to refresh the graph.
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