Create a New Graph (General Steps)

The first step in creating a graph is to choose some data channels. FlowWorks' Graphing offers two different approaches for this: the main approach is to start from the Graphing page and manually select channels. Alternatively, you can choose a site directly from Map View and graph all of its corresponding channels. This topic describes how to create a new graph using both approaches.

Refer to the Layout of the Graphing Tool documentation for more information about how to use the Graphing tool.

Create a new graph from the Graphing page

Beginning to graph right from the Graphing page provides immediate access to manual multi-site and multi-channel selection.

1. Open the Graphing Tool

  1. Click Graph from the Main Toolbar.
    A menu appears.
  2. Click Graphing Tool.

2. Select Channels to Plot

From the site tree, expand the folder(s) that contain the the sites/channels you wish to graph. Then, expand the site(s) that contain the channel(s) that you wish to graph.

Up to 10 channels can be selected for a time series. Up to 5 channels can be chosen for a scatter plot.


3. Select a Date Range

From the drop-down menu, select a preset date range. Alternately, manually enter dates in the From and To date fields.


4. Select a Graph Type

The options are either a Time Series or a Scatter Plot.


5. Click Plot Data

Your graph will populate on the right side of the page.

Create a new graph from the Map page

When you've found an interesting site from the Map, you can click the site's icon to reveal a list of shortcuts. The Graphing shortcut allows you to quickly graph all of the site's corresponding channels. However, you can only select one site at a time with this approach, although you can later add/remove sites and channels from the Graphing page.

1. Open the Network Map

  1. Click Monitor from the main toolbar.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Network Map.

2. Click a Site Icon

The icon can be selected either from the site tree, or from the map. This opens a brief description of the site.

3. Under Graph Data, Click an Option

There are 3 possible options:

  • Today
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days

This will open the Graphing tool. All the channels associated with the site will be plotted on a time series according to the option chosen.

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