About Graphing

FlowWorks Graphing enables you to visually display data from virtually any Channel in the format of either a time-series or scatter plot graph.

Shown below are examples of the two types of graphs that can be made with Graphing:





  • Plug-in free.
  • Versatile. FlowWorks' Graphing works in any modern web-browser, on any device, with any screen size and resolution.
  • Reliable and fast performance, even with large data sets.
  • Built-in Data Viewer allows you to quickly reference numerical data with a single click. Select any point on a graph to have Data Viewer automatically scroll to the respective data.
  • Simplified data exporting to CSV. Choose whether to export all data or a portion of the data set.
  • Fully integrated with FlowWorks' Multi-Graph Review tool for simultaneous comparison of numerous graphs.
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