Create a New User

If your user account has the Group Administrator user role, then you have the ability to create new FlowWorks users, without having to contact our Support team. You co do so by accessing the Users & Permissions menu from within your own FlowWorks account.

Before you create a new user, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the different characteristics of User Roles and Security Groups. This knowledge is important for managing such user permissions as adding new sites, and uploading data. To learn more, see article, "About User Roles and Security Groups".

1. Open Users & Permissions page

  1. From the main toolbar, click Manage.
  2. Click Users & Permissions.

2. Click Create User

You will only see this option if your account has the Group Administrator user role.


Referring to the 'Create User' page (in the image below): the left side of the page is where you will input information about the new user. This side can be divided into 4 distinct blocks: 1) User Identification, 2) Client(s), 3) Roles, 4) Security Groups.


3. Input user identification information

Starting with the User Identification block, input the administrative details for your new user. First Name, Last Name, User Name, and Email are all required fields.

The user name must be unique, not only within your enterprise but also throughout FlowWorks. After you have saved this new user, the system will verify the uniqueness of the user name. If it already exists in the FlowWorks database, you will receive an error message and be returned to the user setup page, where you can try using a different user name.

Unless you are creating an account for yourself, click Generate Password to have the password fields automatically filled with a temporary password, which the new user can use to log in to their FlowWorks account for the first time. You have the option of selecting Send Welcome Email With Account Info. Once the new user has signed in, the password can be changed at his/her discretion.


4. Select the Roles that apply to the new user

From the Roles block, check-off all the roles that are appropriate for this new user.


A Role does not inherit the privileges of the Role below it - although Group Admin is the highest Role that can be assigned, privileges from the Roles below it do not carry over. Thus, each Role-type are separate functions and must be assigned. Hence, a user must be given the Group Admin Role plus the User role to have full access to FlowWorks. Refer to article, "About User Roles and Security Groups" for more details.


5. Select the Security Group(s) that apply to the new user

Security Groups are used to control the site and tool visibility permissions for each user. Select all security groups that apply.

To learn more about Security Groups, please see topic "About User Roles and Security Groups". To find out how to add a new Security Group and edit an existing Group, see article "Manage Security Groups".


6. Click Save

So long as all required fields are accepted, the User List page will refresh with your new user added to the list. the new user can now log in to their FlowWorks account.

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