Adding New Raw Data Channels to Existing Sites

The 'Site' defines where measurements are to be collected, what the location will be called, and what type of instrumentation is physically present. The 'channels' are the various nodes of communication from the Site. Each channel relays a type of measurement being taken - depth, velocity, flow, temperature, etc. Many of the channels associated with a Site are created by FlowWorks' technical staff, working from the Site Setup Form that you initially submitted. However, there are those occasions when you would need to configure additional Raw Data Channels in existing Sites.

Note: These directions pertain to setting up new Raw Data Channels for existing Sites. Calculated Channels (virtual) can be used to amend data where needed; more frequently, they can be used to copy data from a raw channel and apply mathematical formulas in order to manipulate the data points and provide additional data for analysis. To learn how to create a new Calculated Channel, {click here}.

To request the addition of raw channels to an existing Site, there are a few options:

Option 1: Submit a revised Site Setup Form

If you can reference the Site Setup Form that lists the Sites you wish to add channels to, then reuse it! This is the most favorable option of all because it provides FlowWorks' Technical Staff with a clear and concise list of new channels that is easy to implement, thus saving you time from having to go back and forth with our Staff with any questions.

To add new channels to an existing Site, using the Site Setup Form:

  1. With the form open in Excel, locate the Site that you want to add channels to. Remember, there are three worksheets to document Sites - Isco and Telog Sites have their own worksheets.
  2. Input a Channel Name. In the same row as your desired Site, scroll the page to the right until you find the next clear cell in which you can type-in a Channel Name.
  3. Specify the new channel's Units of measure in the respective cell, using the drop-down list.
  4. Indicate that the respective Site is in need of updates by changing the fill color of the cell with the channel's respective Internal Site Name. Select the cell, then click (fill color). Change the color to something easy to notice, such as yellow or red.
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 for every new channel you want to include.
  6. Save the File. Click , found at the top left corner of your Excel screen; if you want to change the name of the file, then click Save As - in Excel, go File>Save As. Change the name of your file then click Save.
  7. Email FlowWorks Support (, with your newly revised form attached. Support will reach you shortly with confirmation and follow up.

Option 2: Contact FlowWorks' Support staff if you can't locate the Site Setup Form

If you are unable to locate the Site Setup Form you previously used, your next option is to contact FlowWorks' Support Team. You can do so by either submitting a new Support ticket, or emailing

This is the least favorable option, for typically there are a number of back-and-forth correspondences to ensure that the setup is completed correctly. To ensure that the process of adding new channels to an existing Site goes smoothly, please include the following information in your request:

  • Your Client Number and/or Client Name. This is the name of the enterprise that holds an account with FlowWorks.
  • Your name.
  • The exact Internal Site Name. This is the name that FlowWorks' system uses to identify the source of the data. This is not the same as the Display Site Name, which is commonly configured to provide a more clear and easy-to-reference name within the FlowWorks application.
  • The exact name of the new channel(s). Some examples include "flow, temperature, velocity, etc."
  • The new channel's units of measure (i.e., MG, °C / °F, m/s, km/h, etc.).
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