Add a Raw or Calculated Data Channel to an Existing Site

In FlowWorks, a 'site' describes from where measurements are collected, and the type of instrumentation physically present. A 'channel' is considered a node of communication from the given site. Each channel relays a type of measurement being taken - depth, velocity, flow, temperature, etc. Many of the channels associated with a site are created at the moment of site setup. However, you may want to add a new raw or calculated data channel to an existing site at a later time. You can accomplish this by using the Configure Sites (FACE) tool. This will help you create an empty channel that is ready for incoming data, or FACE configuration in the case of a calculated channel.

1. Open the Configure Sites tool

  1. Click Manage.
    A dropdown menu appears.
  2. Click Configure Sites (FACE).

2. Click Add New Channel


3. Set up the new channel

  1. Use the Choose Site menu to select the site in which the channel resides.
  2. Enter a Channel Name.
    This is the name that you will need to use when uploading channel data to FlowWorks. As well, this is the name that will be used throughout FlowWorks to reference the channel.
  3. Specify the Channel Units.
    This is the units of measure for data contained in this channel.
  4. Choose Raw or Calculated for Channel Type.
  5. (Optional) Check Visible if you want to enable use of this channel in data management tools, such as Graphing and Reporting.
  6. (Optional) Check System Admin Only if you want to restrict usability of this channel to just client administrators.
  7. (Optional) Check Enable Rainfall Tools if this channel is to collect rainfall-related data.
    This will enable the use of this channel in many of FlowWorks' rainfall analysis tools, such as the I&I Estimator and Rainfall IDF Analysis.
  8. (Optional) Expand Advanced Options to add a copy of this same channel to other sites.
    This list only contains sites that do not already have a channel with the same name.
    This will not copy data; only the channel's settings. These channels will be empty upon creation, ready to receive data.

4. Click Create New Channel


FlowWorks will confirm that the channel was created successfully.

If you made a raw channel, it is now ready to receive data. You can upload data by either submitting a new site setup form to FlowWorks, or by using the Data Upload tool.

If you made a calculated channel, you will need to configure the channel with a F.A.C.E. calculation. Refer to the Configure a Calculated Channel with a Formula (General Steps) and the Configure a Calculated Channel with a Function (General Steps) documentation.

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