Turning On/Off Map Filters

When you first log into FlowWorks, the Map View is displayed and by default, no Filters are applied hence all your sites will appear. Also by default, (this one, you may turn off if you so choose) is Site Clustering which combines into one “dot” sites which are geographically close to each other. Note the three Yellow “dots” in the graphic below with a number on each representing how many sites are contained “within” that cluster.

If you are trying to find a particular site using the Map View and do not want to use the Search/Organize Sites window to the left of the Map, you may apply one or more filters to remove from the display those sites in which you are not interested.

To turn on a Filter, hover over the Filters button at the top left of the map.

The menu of available filters will appear.

Putting a check mark in the associated box will turn on that filter. In the example below we are turning on the “Sewer” Filter to display only those sites monitoring sewers.

Notice how the sites represented on the Map View not meeting the criteria you have selected are now “hidden.” This display now tells us that there is one or more “Sewer” sites at each of the remaining two site “clusters.”

You can keep refining your Filters until the desired site is the only Site mapped.

When you are done, you can clear all of the filters you have set by clicking , found on the bottom-left side of the Filters menu.

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