Managing Data Gap Options

Note: This section pertains to Time Series graphs, only.

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Viewing All Existing Data Gaps

Note: Viewing all existing data gaps is only possible with Time Series graphs.

In order to see all gaps that reside in your data, you must set a value equal to the time series interval. You will also need to zoom the graph to a level where you are not viewing sampled data. For example, a 5-minute flow channel with a gap threshold of 5 minutes would cause any gap greater than 5 minutes to be displayed.

Modifying Data Gap Threshold

Note: Data Gap Threshold is not available for Scatter Plot graphs - it can only be viewed with Time Series graphs, only.

The data gap threshold controls when gaps in the data should be visible (i.e. when the graph’s line is broken to indicate there is no data). By default, no gaps are shown. Use the Data Gap settings to ‘break’ the plotted line when the data gap exceeds a number of minutes.

Note: You must be viewing raw un-sampled data to see these gaps, so be sure to zoom in, if necessary.

To modify the data gap threshold:

  1. With your Time Series graph open, click Options in the Graphing Toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear.
  1. Click Data Gap Options. The Data Gap Options window will open, revealing instructions among a single text field and two options.
  1. Enter the number of minutes your data gap must exceed in the text field. For example, you can type in 1440 minutes to reveal data gaps that exceed one day.
  1. Select how you would like to display the data gaps. You can either choose to have the graph switch to a “points + line” plot type automatically, or have the system do nothing.

Tip: To help visualize data gaps more clearly, it can be helpful to switch your graph to a “Points + Line” plot type. Ticking “Switch series with ‘Line’ plot types to ‘Points + Line’” will do this automatically.

  1. Click Save. This will refresh your graph, with your new settings applied.
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