Changing a Graph’s Axis Labeling

Note: This function is not available for Single Axis graph layout.

In some cases, you may want to change the title associated with a graph’s y-axis. This is particularly useful when a graphed channel has a convoluted name and you want to alter it for presentation purposes, without making any permanent alterations across the database.

Plotted channels are assigned a ‘Y-axis [number]’ – the number indicates the order of which the channel will display on the graph. For example, with an ‘individually stacked’ graph, where each graphed channel has its own y-axis, ‘Y-axis (1)’ will always be the top-most, with subsequent numbers stacked below in ascending order.

Note: this section describes how to change the name of y-axis labels; help on changing the order of channels on the y-axis can be found here: "Changing the Display Order of Graphed Channels (Y-axis)".

To change y-axis labels:

  1. With your graph open, click from the Graphing Toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear.


  1. Select . The Axis Options window will open. Below Axis Labelling will be a list of your channels and a ‘y-axis number’ for each. A y-axis number is used to reference a channel.

  1. Modify the y-axis labels as needed.
  1. Click . Your graph will reload to update.
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