Modify the Plot Color of a Graph

You may wish to alter the color and shape of the data points visible on your graph. For example, if you have more than one variable plotted on the same graph, you may wish to create visual distinctions between each of them.

This feature is not available for scatter plot graphs.

1. Plot a Graph

Refer to the Create a New Graph (General Steps) documentation.

Alternatively, you can open a saved graph. Please refer to the Open a Graph documentation for details.

2. Open the Appearance Options menu

  1. With your graph open, click Options from the Graphing toolbar.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Appearance Options.

3. Click the Style Tab

The graphed channels are shown in a list on the left, and to the right are plot style options.


4.Edit the Channel Colors

Go through each channel one-by-one, choosing a new plot color for each.


5. Click Save

The graph will refresh with updated plot colors.


Remember to save the graph if you wish to keep your changes. Refer to the Save a Graph documentation for details.

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