Save a Graph

Save your graphs to make them easily retrievable, without the need to re-configure their settings.

Begin by Opening a Graph

There are two approaches to opening a saved graph. Please refer to the article below for details.

Open a Graph

Saving a graph

These steps also apply if you wish to enable sharing for a previously saved graph.

  1. With your graph open, click Save As. A dialogue box will appear over your graph.
  2. Enter a name for the new graph.
  3. Check whether you wish to share the graph with 'authorized users'.
    Authorized users consist of those in the same Security Group as yourself.
  4. Click Save.
Re-saving a graph

You may have modified an existing graph and wish to re-save it. This will overwrite the current graph.

  1. With your graph open, click Save. A small green dialogue box appears at the top of the graphing screen, confirming the save was successful.
Saving a new graph from an old one

You may have modified a previously saved graph and wish to save it as a new, separate graph, rather than overwriting settings of the original.

  1. With your graph open, click Save As.
  2. Change the name of the graph.
  3. Click Save. This saves a copy of the graph with the new title.
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