Open a Graph

There are two ways in which you can open a saved graph. This article describes both.

Open a graph from the Graphing tool

1. Open the Graphing tool

  1. Click Graph from the Main Toolbar.
    A menu appears.
  2. Click Graphing Tool.

2. Click Open Graph

3. Select a graph from the list, and click Open Selected Graph

Open a graph from the Network Map

If you know the site that is used in the saved graph, you can open the graph from the site's overview window on the Network Map.

1. Open the Network Map

  1. Click Monitor from the main toolbar.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Network Map.

2. Click a site icon, either from the site tree, or from the map

This opens a brief description of the site.

3. Expand the Open Graph drop-down list and select a graph

This drop-down list will contain all saved graphs that use the site you've selected.

Upon choosing a graph from this list, the Graphing tool will automatically populate with the selected graph.


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