Sites vs. Channels

This topic discusses the difference between a Site and a channel. The ability to decipher the two is particularly important when a user goes about completing a new Site Setup Form.

Important: Please take the time to read this topic carefully. Failure to do so may result in having to redo your Site Setup Form!


In FlowWorks, a Site refers to a physical data logger out in the field. Since a logger can have several meters connected, the data associated with a Site name may cover many different measurements at that location, such as velocity, level and rainfall (each of these measurements would have their own channel). Every Site has a name, a type, latitude & longitude coordinates, and aggregates one or more channels.

FlowWorks charges a recurring monthly fee for every active Site that a client has in their domain. At any time, clients have the option to request the 'deactivation' of any Site, either temporarily or permanently - there is no deactivation fee and deactivated Sites are not billed. Should a client wish to reactivate a Site, it is simple and hassle-free to do so.


A channel is a single stream of data from a Site, containing such information as flow rate, depth, temperature, etc. for which the users of a client want to monitor over time. Each channel usually has a unit of measure (e.g. meters, inches, f/s, gpm, Celsius or Fahrenheit, etc.). Channels can either collect raw recorded data from the field (physical sensor), or they can collect Calculated data created in FlowWorks (known as a 'virtual' or 'Calculated data channel'). Channels are organized into respective Sites based on either their physical location (in the case of a physical sensor), or what the user thinks is the best place for easy reference (in the case of a virtual channel).

FlowWorks does not charge the client for channels, only for Sites. Each Site can have either one or many channels - regardless of how many channels a Site has, the monthly price for an active Site remains the same.

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