I&I Project: Quick Reference Guide

Each I&I project utilizes flow data to establish Dry Weather Patterns, and rainfall data to create Storm Event Groups. We compare the two in a Correlation Graph - if a correlation exists, we can determine the extent of which surface runoff and/or groundwater is affecting the sanitary sewer system in question.

There are four main stages to building a new I&I project, as shown in the flowchart below. Each stage has its own set of steps. Please refer to the links provided to jump to the relevant article.


Important notes to remember prior to starting a project

  1. Please ensure the data channels you plan to use are recorded in a consistent time interval and free of gaps. See article, Identify and Fix Data Gaps for guidance.
  2. Rainfall channels must be "rainfall enabled" to be visible in the I&I Analysis tool. See article, Enable Rainfall Channels For Use In Rainfall Tools for guidance.


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