Create an I&I Project

I&I projects allow you set the conditions of your I&I study. By creating a project, you can define flow and rain accumulation units, and select the sites you plan to use for the study. All the dry weather patterns, storm event groups and correlations you create in a project are automatically organized to help you maintain a better workflow.

1. Open the I&I Analysis tool

  1. Click Analyze from the main toolbar.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click I&I Analysis.

2. Choose a Client

Use the drop-down menu to select a client.
This is typically the name of your company/enterprise.


3. Click Create A New Project

When you click the Create A New Project button, the Project Settings screen for your new project appears.


4. Configure Project Settings

  1. Enter a Project Name.
  2. Type a Default Flow Channel Name.
    For each flow site you choose, FlowWorks will automatically use the flow channel that matches this name. This is useful when you have a lot of flow sites, and you don't want to manually select the correct flow channel for each.
    If a site does not have a channel that matches the Default Flow Channel Name, FlowWorks will choose the next best one. You can manually choose a different channel later.
    If you are unsure of what name to use, simply leave this as "Flow."
  3. Choose the default Flow Units and Rain Accumulation Units.
    You have the choice of either Metric or US Standard. The units you choose will be used throughout the project.

The default units you select must match the units in the flow and rainfall sites you will in the project.


5. Select the sites to include in the project

Choose the flow sites and rainfall sites that contain the channels you wish to use in this I&I project.
You must select at least one flow site and one rainfall site.

Use Ctrl+F in your web browser to quickly locate sites in the list.


6. Click Save and Open Project


Next Steps

The next stage in I&I setup entails familiarizing yourself with the I&I project dashboard. Afterwards, users will typically proceed to generating a dry weather pattern (DWP).

As well, you may wish to find out how you can modify and/or delete I&I projects; refer to the Manage I&I Projects documentation.

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