Graphing - Error 'One of the Channels is Not Visible'


The FlowWorks Graphing Error One of the Channels is Not Visible happens when you are trying to open a graph which uses channels that were set to 'invisible' mode since it was initially created. This issue will not go away if you try to re-create the graph because the channels you need to plot will not be visible in the site tree.



You will need to consult your Group Administrator to resolve this issue, because they have the necessary permissions to access channel settings and toggle visibility of channels on or off.

  • Please provide your Group Administrator with the names of all channels included in the graph.
  • Refer to the following article for switching on channel visibility. Your Group Administrator may need to repeat the given steps for each channel included in the graph.
    Article: Manage Visibility of Channels in FlowWorks' Tools
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