Manage Visibility of Channels in FlowWorks' Tools

Group Administrators can toggle visibility of channels on or off. They may want to set a channel to 'invisible' when the data it contains is only used in a FACE calculation, and is not needed as a standalone channel in any of the tools. This prevents users from potentially disrupting a large FACE calculation, and it also allows Group Administrators to keep channel lists (such as in site trees) tidy.

Only Group Administrators can modify channel settings. Channel settings apply to all users in the same Security Group as the Group Administrator. Channels set to 'invisible' will remain visible within the site/channel management tools.

1. Open Configure Site (FACE)

  1. Click Manage from the main toolbar.
  2. Click Configure Sites (FACE).

2. Select the Site that Contains the Channel You Wish to Manage

Use the Choose Site drop-down menu to make your selection. The Choose Channel list refreshes.


3. Select the Channel You Wish to Manage

Use the Choose Channel drop-down menu to make your selection.


4. Click Edit Channel


5. Toggle Visibility of the Channel On or Off


6. Click Save Changes

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