Managing Email Recipients of Multiple Alarms / Notifications Simultaneously

Alarms and notifications can be configured in FlowWorks. When triggered, alerts can be emailed or sent via SMS to the specified recipients. There is no limit to the number of recipients you can include for a single alarm or notification. When adding multiple email addresses, you just need to separate each with a comma (,). The image below shows the setup for an alarm - note that this alarm has three recipients, and email addresses are separated with commas.


At the present time, you must create, and update the settings of each alarm individually - there is no way to simultaneously configure several alarms at once. Hence, if you have multiple alarms with the same series of email addresses, and you wish to change who receives alarm and notification alerts, you must modify each alarm/notification one-by-one.

Some of our clients have asked if they can create an email contact group in FlowWorks, so when they need to change who receives alarm and notification alerts, they can update a single contact group, rather than having to update the recipient list of each individual site. At the moment FlowWorks does not support email contact groups. However, we suggest that you speak with someone in your IT department to create a distribution list email, and use that single address for all your alarms/notifications in FlowWorks. Thus, if you need to change who receives alarm/notification alerts, you can make modifications to the distribution list that is managed internally within your company. This will allow you to bypass the need to individually change each alarm/notification from within FlowWorks.

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