Integrate GIS Data

GIS layers are used for spatially visualizing geographic datasets with the use of symbols and labels. FlowWorks can integrate your GIS data, such as pipes, manholes, and facilities; and provide you with the functionality to superimpose these layers on the map in your team's FlowWorks account. With regards to integrating your company's GIS data, we support the following methods.

Hosted by the Client

A client may have self-hosted GIS services and wish to display the data in FlowWorks. FlowWorks supports the integration of client-hosted GIS data that can be accessed via a Web Mapping Service (WMS). The key benefit of this option is that the GIS data available in FlowWorks will be automatically updated whenever the data on the server is updated. To complete setup, we simply require that the client provides a link to the GIS data and any relevant accessibility information (such as a user name and password).

Hosted by FlowWorks

FlowWorks can create GIS layers using client-submitted GIS data, and additionally host these layers on their behalf. Since we will need to build these layers and host them, we require a one-time setup fee and recurring hosting fee. To complete setup, we simply require from the client to submit their GIS data in one of the supported file formats, such as shapefile. During each stage of the development process, we will work closely with our clients to understand the locations and details they'd like to include, and to ensure the GIS layers fully meets their requirements.

How GIS Overlays Work

Once integration is complete, using your GIS layers is easy. You simply hover your mouse over GIS Maps, and select the overlays you would like to view. Then, zoom your map into the region that the layers pertain to (such as a city or district) - the more you zoom-in, the more details are revealed. Clicking any point on your GIS network will fetch accompanying information, such as latitude and longitude coordinates, status, and more. You can quickly toggle overlays on or off at any time.


If you already have GIS map overlays in FlowWorks, see article Apply GIS Map Overlays in the Guide.

Contact Us to Get Started

If you are interested in integrating your GIS data, or in having FlowWorks develop and host GIS data for you, contact us today.

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