Add More Custom Fields to an Existing Set

You may already have a set of custom fields configured, and wish to create additional fields. You can do this by simply opening the set and adding further fields to the list.

Your FlowWorks account must be assigned the 'Group Admin' user role to allow you to create custom data fields. If you cannot access Custom Fields, please contact your Client Administrator.

1. Open the Custom Fields Tool

  1. Click Manage from the main navigation panel.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Custom Fields.

2. Select a Client

A client is an organization subscribed to FlowWorks' services. Select the client that has the set of fields of which you wish to modify.

Use the drop-down list to make your selection.


3. Click Configure Fields

The Field Sets screen appears.

4. Click Edit

Use the Edit button that corresponds with the set you want to modify.


5. Create Additional Custom Fields

  1. Click Add New Field.
    A modal window appears.
  1. Enter a Field Name.
  2. Choose a Field Type.
    • A Text field will result in a textbox when you proceed to modify the field.
    • A Selection List field will result in a drop-down list of values that you must define.
    • A Date & Time field will reveal a date and time picker when you modify the field.
  3. (If you chose Selection List) Define selection list values. Use a comma (,) to separate each item in the list.
  1. Click Save New Field.
    Your new custom field appears in the Fields list.
  1. Repeat all sub-steps in this step (6) to create additional fields.

6. Click Save Field Set


A notification will appear momentarily, confirming that your set saved successfully.


Your additional custom field(s) will now be available for use from Network Map -> Site Details.

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