Delete a Single Custom Field

In an effort to keep your custom fields up-to-date and organized, you may wish to delete a single custom field in a field set.

Your FlowWorks account must be assigned the 'Group Admin' user role to allow you to delete custom fields. If you cannot access Custom Fields, please contact your Client Administrator.

1. Open the Custom Fields Tool

  1. Click Manage from the main navigation panel.
    A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Custom Fields.

2. Select a Client

A client is an organization subscribed to FlowWorks' services. Select the client that has the set of fields of which you wish to modify.

Expand the drop-down list to make your selection.


3. Click Configure Fields


4. Click Edit

Use the Edit button to open the set that has the custom field you wish to modify.


5. Check the 'Delete' Box, Next to the Field You Want to Remove

In this example, we will delete the 'Next Service Date' field.


6. Click Save Field Set


The field is removed from the list, and you receive a confirmation that the changes were successfully saved. The sites that are enabled to display the custom field set will no longer display the field that you've removed.

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