About Custom Fields

FlowWorks automatically collects a few key pieces of information about a site such as site type, collection method, and total data points. However, you may require additional data fields to correspond with some or all of your sites. With custom data fields, you can add extra lines of information to a site such as text, numbers, and dates. Our users commonly use this feature to add such information as site installation date, catchment area, pipe diameter, and pipe material. Of course, these are simply examples, and you can create custom fields for virtually any kind of information you wish to append to your site(s).

About Sets, Labels and Types

When you are ready to setup custom fields, you will encounter the following terms.

Set: A group of custom fields. Each set is assigned to a site or group of sites, for which the set of custom fields are displayed.

Label and Type: A single custom field consist of a label and type. The label describes what the field is; and the type can be one of text, date & time, or a selection list.

Who can Configure and Edit Custom Field Sets?

Only those users with the "Group Admin" role can create custom field sets and modify them.

Custom Fields Can Be Reviewed From the Site Details View in the Network Map

All users in a single client can view custom fields from the Site Details window. However, only users with the 'Site Config Admin' role can set field values.

  1. From the Network Map page, open Site Details.
  1. Add/modify a value for any given field. Click the 'pencil' symbol to get started.
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