July 13, 2017 - Introducing improvements to the Map page, and several new tools

The FlowWorks you have come to know and love now boasts several new tools and updates. We have been incredibly busy in recent months working to bring you these features, and are excited to announce that as of today they are available to all our clients at no additional cost.

So, what's new in FlowWorks for July 2017? Let's take a look at the new tools and improvements that you will notice the next time you login.

Enhancements to the Map page

Network Map now has two views: the familiar 'Map' view; and a new 'Site Details' view. You can quickly toggle between both when you have a site selected...

'Site Details' view reveals all you need to know about a site - including location, call-in schedule and ongoing alarms. It also includes links to commonly-used tools that automatically launch with the selected site.

Custom Data Fields

Further, you can now create custom data fields for appending additional site information. With this feature, you can create virtually any field you wish that consists of a label and type. A label describes what the field is, and the value can be one of: text, date and time, or a selection list. For example, a field with label 'Pipe Material' and type 'Selection List' may have values such as: Copper, Concrete, PVC, etc. You can save a set of fields as a group and have them automatically added to new sites...

Site Files

You can also include file attachments to a selected site, which can be downloaded by you or your colleagues at any time. Upload virtually any file type - including images, CSV files, audio files, or anything else you wish (max upload file size is 25MB).

Pin site details

Last but not least, we've made comparing sites easy. You can now pin any site details page to the top of Map Network, and quickly reference back to a pinned site at any time during your session.

New Manual Site Creation Tool

You can now quickly create new sites with channels, without the need to submit any forms or requests to FlowWorks Support. You simply provide the site’s details, add channels as needed, and link them to an FTP-based data source. You have the option of setting an automatic deactivation date if the site is seasonal or temporary. Sites are instantly made available in FlowWorks, ready to receive data.

To find out how you can access and use this tool, see, Manually create a new site.

New Data Upload Tool

You can use this simple tool to quickly import data into your FlowWorks sites, either for adding new data or back-filling data. With support for a variety of formats, you can easily load large amounts of data contained in multiple CSV files.

To find out how you can access and use this tool, see, Manually upload data to channels.

Improved Export Data Tool

For those of you that need to export data from the same sites regularly, we've added support for you to save export settings. You now have the choice to either download the data or use our new email delivery service to receive your data files. You can combine any number of channels and sites to build your raw data file.

To find out how you can access and use this tool, see, Using the Export Data Tool.

Update to FlowWorks Legacy Graphing

Prior to this update, users accessing FlowWorks Graphing via IE11 or later automatically defaulted to using the Legacy version of Graphing. Now, all IE users will default to Graphing (the new and updated version), however, Legacy Graphing will still remain available from the main toolbar. It is still required that you convert legacy graphs if you wish to use them in Graphing.

For more information on Legacy Graphing, Legacy Graphing FAQ.

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