Create and use custom data fields

FlowWorks automatically collects a few key pieces of information about a site such as site type, collection method, and total data points. However, you may require additional data fields to correspond with each of your FlowWorks sites. Custom data fields can contain a variety of information associated with text, numbers and dates. Some examples include site installation date, catchment area, pipe diameter, and pipe material.

About custom data fields

Label and type

A custom data field consists of a 'label' and a 'type'. The label describes what the field is, and the type can be one of text, date & time, or a selection list.

A text field will result in a textbox when you proceed to modify the field. A date and time field will result in a date and time picker. A selection list will result in a dropdown list of pre-defined values; selection list values are defined when the field is created. For example, a field with the label 'pipe material' and a type 'selection list' may have values such as Copper, Concerete, PVC, etc.


A set of fields can be saved as a group with a given name. For example, you can have the group "Rainfall" for a set of fields that pertain to rain gauges (e.g. install date, sensor serial #, tipping bucket size, etc.).

or "Sanitary" for a set of fields that pertain to sanitary sewer gauges (e.g. pipe diameter, pipe material, hydraulic slope, etc.).  A group of fields can be marked as the default for new sites - any new sites created will automatically have these fields added.

Configuring custom data fields

Only those users with the 'Group Admin' role can configure custom data fields.

The features you need for configuring custom data fields will be available soon. At the present time, Group Admins can submit a request to FlowWorks Support to have custom data fields created, modified or deleted.

Please include the following information in your request to expedite the setup process:

  • Specify the group name for your custom data fields.
    For example, you may want to create a group of fields called 'Sanitary' for a set of fields that pertain to sanitary sewer gauges.
  • Provide the list of fields, with label first, followed by type.
    For example, your group of Sanitary data fields may include such labels as pipe diameter, pipe material and hydraulic slope. The field type could be text, selection list, and text, respectively.

Viewing custom data fields and setting field values

Although all users can view custom data fields, only those users with the 'Site Configuration Admin' role can set field values.

  1. From the Network Map page, open Site Details.
  1. Add/modify a value for any given field. Click the 'pencil' symbol to get started.
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