July 13, 2017 - FlowWorks' user interface gets a makeover

After several months of working behind the scenes and analyzing user feedback, we are proud to announce the deployment of an all-new FlowWorks user interface (UI) that is more streamlined and responsive than before. Aside from being generally nicer on the eyes, our new UI boasts a host of improvements designed to simplify workflow and enhance your overall experience. This update only impacts the front-end browser UI, and should not affect device connectivity or API calls.

Simplified colors, easy-to-find buttons, and cleaner page layouts

This update addresses the many suggestions we've received from clients over the past year. We've overhauled FlowWorks' entire aesthetic by implementing a new style guide that modernizes the application's overall look and feel. With it's color palette of varying shades of blue for general page components, and hues of green for buttons, next steps, and important information; each page is now far simpler to interpret and understand. Further, the general layout of each page has been redesigned to eliminate confusion and help clarify the methodological processes that may be required for you to obtain the results you seek. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Cleaner, easier to navigate toolbar

The size and color of FlowWorks' main toolbar and navigation breadcrumbs are now optimized to save space on your screen. You'll also find that each of the toolbar's menus (such as Monitor, Graph, Report, etc.) are categorized in sub-headings so you may spend less time finding the tool you need.

Updated site icons and visually descriptive site lists

We've updated the look of our site icons so they are easier to interpret. As well, we've eliminated the need for you to locate a site in the map to check it's status and type. Now, most site lists include site icons that use colors to indicate site status, and an image to show site type. You can view a full list of all site icons by expanding the Legend found in the map.

Updated profile menu

We've cleaned up the profile menu to further simplify the main toolbar across the top of your screen. Click your username to expand a list that reveals profile-specific options. From here, you can choose to organize sites and folders in whichever way that best suits you. You can also find password management options and a secure way to log out.

Let us know what you think!

This entire resdesign is the result of feedback from users like you. We are always looking for ways to improve FlowWorks, and we welcome you to submit your comments and suggestions to our Community page.

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