Use the Pump Station Calculator

This article provides a general walk-through for creating a set of calculated channels using the Pump Station Calculator. Should you have any further questions, please contact FlowWorks Support (sign-in required).

1. Open the Pump Station Calculator

  1. Click Analyze in the main toolbar. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Pump Station Calculator.

2. Choose a site

The site you use in the Pump Station Calculator will typically have one or more pump on/off channels.


3. Provide the basic information

In the Basic Information section, specify:

  1. The number of pumps for this calculation.
    If you choose more than one, the Pumps Configuration section will update to provide information fields for each pump.
  2. The Date Range.
    You have the option of choosing All Data, or specifying a specific date range. If the latter is chosen, only data in the given time-frame will be used in the calculation.

4. Configure each pump

Defining your pump on/off Channels is required to produce a calculated channel showing the volume of fluid your pumps produced. You do so by specifying a value for when a pump is on, and when it is off. In the example of two pumps, usually only one pump is on at any given time.

  1. Pick the pump channel you wish to use.
  2. Specify a value for when the pump is on, and when it is off.
    Users will typically use "1" for on, and "0" for off.
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for each pump status channel you wish to include.

5. Configure the wet well parameters

This is the final required input in the Pump Station Calculator. You have three options to choose from:

  • Define a constant value for wet well volume. Units can be in Cubic Meters or Gallons.
  • If wet well volume varies with wet well level: choose the second option, and select the wet well channel to use. You have the option to choose a lookup table.
  • If wet well volume varies with wet well level inflow: choose the third option. Select the wet well channel to use and optionally choose a 2D lookup table.

6. (Optional) Choose inflow components to calculate

The Pump Station Calculator's main output is a calculated channel that shows the volume of fluid your pumps produced. Additionally, you have the option to create interim calculated channels for further insight. Activate any of the options under  Inflow Components to Calculate. The number of calculated channels produced by each option will be synonymous with the number of pumps you've included in the study (e.g. PR1, PR2, etc.).


7. (Optional) Choose additional options

Under Options, you can choose the following. Each selected option will create an additional calculated channel.

  • Merge all inflow components into one channel - estimates the flow coming into the pump station.
  • Create a time weighted average channel - averages the flow over the specified time interval.
    • Interval length for time weight calculation - how long the time interval for the time weighted average will be.

8. Click Create Pump Calculations

The system may need a few moments, depending on how much data you have. Once complete, the channels you've created will be available under the Site you selected at the beginning; such as, the volume channel for calculating the volume of flow that you've pumped. You can use any of these channels in FlowWorks' reporting and graphing tools.

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