Enabling Rainfall Channels For Use In Rainfall Tools

Rainfall channels are often treated in an entirely different manner than other data channels in FlowWorks; for this reason, they must be "rainfall enabled" so they can be made visible and available in all of FlowWorks' rainfall tools.

Rainfall tools include the following:

  • Rainfall Statistics Reporting
  • Rainfall Intensity Reporting
  • Rainfall IDF Analysis
  • Rainfall Mass Balance
  • Inflow and Infiltration Estimator
  • Custom Apps (if applicable)

If the rainfall channel you wish to use is not visible, you may need to enable the channel for use. This article describes how you can do just that.

Open the Site Config tool

  1. Hover over Management.
  2. Click Face: Configure Sites. The Configure Sites page loads.

Open the Channel you wish to enable

  1. Use the Choose Site drop-down menu to locate the Site in which the channel resides.
  2. Use the Choose Channel drop-down menu to select the channel you wish to enable.
  3. Click Edit Channel. The Edit Channel page populates.

Check Enable Rainfall Tools and Save

A confirmation window will appear when the channel settings have saved successfully. Click Ok. You are taken back to the Configure Sites page. The channel is now available and ready for use in all of FlowWorks' rainfall tools.

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