Saving Rainfall Mass Balance settings as a template

FlowWorks' Rainfall Mass Balance tool is used for comparing rainfall sites to the cumulative average of related rainfall sites.

You can save settings made in this tool as a "template". With templates, you can re-run a saved rainfall mass balance query without having to re-configure the settings.

1. Open the Rainfall Mass Balance tool

  1. Hover over Analysis. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click Rainfall Mass Balance.

2. Setup the rainfall mass balance query

Click here for directions on setting up a rainfall mass balance query.

If you choose any pre-defined date range from the Date Range menu, the "date range" will always be in relation to the date that you run the template. For example, if you created a rainfall mass balance template in 2014, and the Date Range you chose was Last Year; when you run the template in 2017, FlowWorks will use data from 2016.

3. Click Save as Template

4. Enter a Template Name

5. Click Save Template

You will be taken back to the Rainfall Mass Balance tool page, where FlowWorks will display "Template Saved!" for confirmation.

At any time, you can come back to the Rainfall Mass Balance tool and load a template. Simply expand the Load From Template drop-down list; choose a template; and click Plot Graph.


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