Custom Display Screens

Custom display screens are used to visually summarize the status of your network or facility at a glance; or to display any stations or measurements you have in FlowWorks in a custom format. Custom display screens can be made publicly available for view, or they can be protected behind the log-in system, only for FlowWorks users to view.


Start setting up your custom screen today

Custom display screens are available to our clients on a per-request basis. Since this is a custom feature, we require a development fee, which varies depending on your needs.

Each of our clients have different use-cases for display screens. As a starting point, it is important to consider what you want your custom screen to show and how you want the backdrop of your custom screen to look. You can either provide us with a backdrop of your own choosing, or we can work with you to create a suitable backdrop.

To request a custom screen, please submit your request via our support ticket system. Please include the purpose of your new screen, and what kind of information you want displayed. We will promptly contact you to work out the details and provide any assistance you may need in sketching out the best custom screen for your purposes.

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