Making a Rainfall Intensity Report

The rainfall intensity report displays maximum rainfall intensities for select rainfall gauges over a period of time.

To create a new rainfall intensity report:

  1. Click Report. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Select Rainfall Intensity Reports. This opens the Rainfall Intensity Report page.
  3. Check the rainfall Sites to include in the report. Navigate through the Site list (left panel) to make your selection.

  4. Choose New Report... from the Reports drop-down menu.
  5. Select a date/time range. Either use the drop-down menu to choose a pre-made date range; or manually enter dates in the From and To fields.

  6. Optionally, select historical IDF for comparison, using the drop-down menu.

    Below is an example of a completed form:


  7. Optionally, click Save Report. The Save Report box appears, where you can enter a name for the new report. Click Save Report when complete.

    You can later load the report from the Rainfall Intensity Report page.

  8. Click View Report. A separate tab opens in your web-browser, where the report is displayed.

This is the result of our example setup:


The first table gives us the maximum rainfall intensities for a host of time periods. The second table contains the historical IDF data you chose to include.

Looking at the first table, cells highlighted in a particular color indicate that the rainfall event exceeded the relative historical maximum value.

The report's top panel contains buttons for browsing through the various pages. As well, there is a search function, in which you can input full or partial words or numbers to have the system highlight areas that match your search criteria. Use the Export drop-down menu to open data export options - you can convert your report to an Excel file (xlsx), PDF, or Word file (docx).

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