Load and Edit a Custom Summary Report

All saved custom summary reports can be re-opened via the Custom Summary Reports page. Thereafter, you can optionally edit the report's settings and re-save it.

To open (and optionally edit) a custom summary report:

1. Open the Custom Summary Reports tool

  1. Click Report from the main toolbar.
  2. Click Custom Reports.

2. Click View Saved Reports

3. Choose a saved report

  1. Select a list item.
  2. click Load Report.

4. (Optional) Make any edits you wish

Once finished making edits, click Save Report. A box opens confirming the report's name.

You can optionally modify the name of the report from here and choose whether you want to share the report with others in your Security Group.

When finished, click Save Report.

5. Click View Report

A new browser tab automatically opens, where your report is displayed.


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