Printing and Exporting a Rainfall Statistics Report

To print a rainfall statistics report:

  1. With your report open, click Print VIew. Your report reloads.
  2. Use your web-browser's print function to initiate printing.

    The location of the print function differs between browsers; typically printing can be found under the ‘File’ menu, or under the ‘hamburger’ button. Consult your browser’s online help for details.

    With your table open, you can also try using the shortcut "Ctrl+P".

For best printing results on 8.5" x 11" paper, choose Landscape with left and right margins of 0.25".

Exporting a Rainfall Statistics Report to Excel

Exporting to Excel allows you to make modifications to the table.

  1. Highlight the table data.

    Start by pointing your mouse at the very top-left cell; then click, hold, and drag the pointer down to the very bottom right cell. The table's content appears highlighted.

  2. Copy the table data.

    Right-lick and select copy. You can also try using the shortcut command "Ctrl+C".

  3. Open Microsoft Excel.
  4. Paste the table into Excel.

    Open Excel and point your mouse to the very top-left cell. Paste the table, either by right-clicking the cell and selecting Paste; or using the shortcut "Ctrl+V".

  5. Optionally, print the Excel document. You can try using the shortcut "Ctrl+P".
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