Changing the Display Order of Channels on a Time Series Graph

When you have more than one channel plotted on a graph, you may wish to change the order of which each channel is displayed on the y-axis.

To modify the display order of channels on a graph:

  1. With you graph open, click from the Graphing Toolbar. A drop-down menu will appear.
  1. Select . The Axis Options window will open.
  1. Click Custom to reveal the Custom Axis Assignment options.

  1. Change the order of your labels from the Custom Axis Assignment segment of the window. Use the channel’s respective drop-down menu to modify the display order.

    Note: You can give the same ‘order number’ for more than one channel. This will plot both channels on the same y-axis. To prevent this from happening, ensure all graph channels have a different y-axis number. For more on modifying the y-axis, see "By default, when two or more channels are plotted, each of them will appear on separate axes. You may want to alter this setting – for example, you may wish to overlap each channel on the same axis.".

  1. Click . Your graph with reload to update.
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