Swapping Axes on Scatter Plot Graphs

For a scatter plot graph, you may want to customize which variable appears along the x-axis and y-axis. This can be easily achieved by making a few changes in the Graph's options menu.

To swap the variable plotted on each axis:

  1. With your scatter plot graph open, click , found along the Graphing Toolbar. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Click . The Axis Options window opens.
  3. Select Custom. This enables you to configure custom settings for your graph.

  4. Under Custom Axis Assignment, use the drop-down menus to assign a channel to an axis.

    In the image below, we originally had Flow along the x-axis, and Level on the y-axis.

    After switching axis assignment, our window looks like this:

    Note: Unless you also want to change the wording of the labels, you do not have to change the Axis Labels section below. Labels will automatically be reset to follow your selection under Custom Axis Assignment.

  5. Click . Your scatter plot graph repopulates.
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