'Acknowledging' an Alarm or Notification

While configuring a new notification or alarm, users are asked to select the 'actions' FlowWorks is to execute once the alarm/notification is triggered. These actions are meant to let the appropriate people know of an active alarm condition, so they may act in a timely manner to prevent an undesired situation. Recipients can be notified of an active alarm/notification via the FlowWorks application, e-mail, text message, and/or voice message.

In the Advanced Settings section of alarm setup, users can enable the 'require acknowledgment' option, in order to ensure the appropriate parties confirm their awareness of the active alarm. With this option activated, the selected actions will be continually redeployed every 'x' minutes (based on the repeat interval), even after the alarm condition has ended. It is only after a user has manually acknowledged the alarm in FlowWorks, that repetitive re-deployment of the actions will stop.

Note: There is also an 'Acknowledge Repeat Interval' option available. This is the length of time before the action will be redeployed once an alarm has been 'acknowledged', so long as the alarm condition is still valid. A value of zero means that once an alarm is acknowledged, no further actions will be taken.

To 'acknowledge' an active alarm or notification:

  1. Log-in to your FlowWorks account. Map View is the first page to load in FlowWorks.
  2. Hover your mouse over . The drop-down menu appears.
  3. Select . This takes you to the Alarm Status page, where a list of your account's active alarms and notifications is shown.
  4. Select the alarm you want to acknowledge. This expands the list entry and reveals details pertaining to the alarm.

    At the bottom of detailed view, we see a button that allows us to 'acknowledge' the alarm.

  5. Click . This causes the page to refresh.

    Upon re-expanding the list entry, we see who has acknowledged the alarm and at what time.

If an 'Acknowledge Repeat Interval' was set for this alarm, the actions will be redeployed every-so-often, based on the time specified, so long as the alarm's condition evaluate as true. To check the repeat interval:

  1. With the list item still expanded in the Alarm Status page, click Configure this Alarm. You are directed to the Alarm Configuration page, where a list of all your configured notifications and alarms is shown. The alarm in question is automatically expanded to show a summary of it's settings.

    We can quickly see that this alarm indeed requires acknowledgment; we also see that the Acknowledged Repeat Interval is set to 720 minutes. This means that post-acknowledgement, the alarm's actions will re-deploy every 720 minutes, instead of every 360 minutes as indicated by the repeat interval (which only applies prior to acknowledgment).

To change the 'Acknowledge Repeat Interval':

  1. With the list item still expanded in the Alarm Configuration page, click . The 'Edit Alarm/Notification' page loads. Your chosen alarm's settings are displayed.
  2. Click . This expands the box to reveal options for advanced settings.

  3. Change the Acknowledge Repeat Interval. The time value is always expressed in minutes.

    A value of zero means that once an alarm is acknowledged, no further action will be taken.

  4. Click . You are redirected to the 'Alarm Configuration' page.

    You can verify your changes saved by expanding the alarm from within the 'List of Notifications and Alarms' to review a summary of the alarm's settings.

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