Custom GIS Map Overlays

GIS Overlays

FlowWorks can convert your GIS data (such as pipes, manholes, and facilities) into digital overlays, which you can superimpose on the map in your FlowWorks account. This enables you to spatially visualize GIS information - a fundamental operation for analysis of the distribution and organization of your network(s).

How GIS overlays Work

Once implemented, using your GIS layers is easy. You simply hover your mouse over GIS Maps, and select the overlays you would like to view. Then, zoom your map into the region that the layers pertain to (such as a city or district) - the more you zoom-in, the more details are revealed. Clicking any point on your GIS network will fetch accompanying information, such as latitude and longitude coordinates, status, and more. You can quickly toggle overlays on or off at any time.

To learn more about using GIS Layers, please refer to our User Guide on GIS Layers.

Requesting GIS Layers

GIS overlays are custom-made for our clients on a per-request basis. Given that it's a custom feature, we require a one-time development fee, which may vary depending on your needs.

If you are interested in having GIS overlays of your spatial / geographic data, we will gladly set them up. Prior to reaching us, please ensure your GIS Data uses the WGS 1984 Web Mercator (Auxiliary Sphere) coordinate system. Click here to learn more about our coordinate system requirements. To reach us about setting up your GIS overalys, please begin by submitting a new Support ticket.

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