Configuring Custom Screen View Permissions

Note: Only Group Administrators can modify Security Group settings.

Custom display screens can be made publicly visible, or they can be protected behind the log-in system for exclusive access to users within your enterprise. The latter option is achieved with the use of Security Groups. You can configure a new Group to allow select users access to select Custom Screens.

To learn more about Custom Screens and to see some examples, please see topic, "Custom Display Screens".

To learn more about Security Groups, please see topic, "About User Roles and Security Groups".

This article describes how to setup Custom Screen permissions for an existing group, only. To find out how to create a new Group, please see, "Managing Security Groups".

To setup Custom Screen permissions for an existing Security Group:

  1. Log-in to your FlowWorks account.
  2. From the main toolbar, click Manage. A drop-down menu appears.
  3. Click Users & Permissions. The User List loads.
  4. Click Security Groups. The security Groups page will load.


    Note: If you have lots of Group Folders and Sites, it may take a few moments for the Security Groups page to load.

  5. Locate the desired Security Group from the left panel. The right-side of your page updates with the Group's information.
  6. Select the users you want to permit access to Custom Screens. From the Available Users list, ‘check-off’ the users you want to include. These users will automatically populate in the Selected Users list.

    Tip: You can also ‘un-check’ users from the Available Users list to exclude them from this Security Group.

  7. Select the Custom Screens you want to make available. From the Available Resources list, select the Screens you want to include. These items will populate in the Selected Resources list.
  8. Click Save Changes. The left panel, containing a list of all Security Groups in your enterprise, will refresh.

Your newly-set permissions will be immediately applied to the selected user accounts.

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