Rainfall Isohyetal Mapping Tool

FlowWorks is continually working to bring you tools to make your job easier. Many users have requested the ability to generate dynamic, high-quality rainfall isohyetal maps. FlowWorks is proud to show off this new feature.

Isohyetal maps, also known as contour maps, are a way of showing values spread over a geographic area. Contour lines are also used to show elevation changes in topographical maps, and a number of other data maps. For this tool, we are using contour lines to illustrate rainfall over a city. Red bands are given to indicate areas of greater rainfall, 170mm in this instance, and green bands for areas of lighter precipitation.

The Rainfall Isohyetal Mapping Tool allows users to specify the time period of interest, and specify all or any specific rainfall stations to quickly generate the corresponding rainfall surface with contours. The tool uses custom ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Tools to create both the rainfall surface and rainfall contours, giving you a clear picture of what is going on in your area. It is the first result from what will soon become a full integration between FlowWorks and ArcGIS. Please contact FlowWorks for more information.

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